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Honduras - Juan Ramiez

Honduras - Juan Ramiez

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Origine: El Cedral, Santa Barbara, Honduras     
Variety: Parainema
Process: Washed
Elevation: 1,480 MASL


Juan Ramirez comes from a family that worked as day laborers, picked coffee, and did all the work related to coffee production.
He always felt passionate about growing coffee.
 In 1985 he worked for a company, during work he managed to save enough money to be able to buy land, and little by little he planted coffee.
He processed conventional coffee, Juan became interested in producing specialty coffee because he heard that it gave good results and was much more profitable than producing conventional coffee, so in 2020 he decided to prepare special coffee and since then he has produced high-quality coffee.

How This Coffee Tastes

The cherries are put into fermentation bags for 24 hours, the cherries are de-pulped, after the parchment is put into fermentation tanks where it is dry fermented for 12-24 hours. After, the parchment is rinsed into the tank with a lot of water four times.
Next, it ́s put inside the parabolic solar dryer for around 15-20 days, during the dryer the parchment is sorted by hand to remove defective beans.

We roast on every Wednesday and dispatch on Thursday.

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