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Abaca coffee paper filter

Abaca coffee paper filter

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Made by the non-wood material ABACA (Manila hemp) and wood-pulp based on a forestation project. The Cafec ABACA filter paper is eco-friendly, has good air and liquid permeability, toughness, and elasticity. Cafec produce this filter paper using a special technique to incorporate a 2-side crepe feature onto paper. This allows a smooth water flow and less chances of blockage during coffee brewing. Perfect for use with the Cafec 1 Cup Flower Dripper and Hario V60 01 Drippers and the Cafec 2-4 Cup Flower Dripper and Hario V60 02 Drippers.


100 filters per pack
High quality filter paper
Made in Japan

We roast on every Wednesday and dispatch on Thursday.

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